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About Us

What is Students For Democracy?


Our Mission

Through student research and advocacy, our mission is to educate and advance democratic ideals. Students for Democracy will teach students the knowledge and skills to enhance American democratic processes.

Our Purpose

Students for Democracy was established with the purpose of researching solutions to contemporary democratic issues, educating the public regarding these solutions, and advocating for change by collaborating with local and national organizations.

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Our Vision

Founded upon three pillars, to Research, Educate, and Advocate, Students for Democracy aims to facilitate a higher level of involvement throughout the student body in reforming democratic processes to ensure that they are both fair and free. Each semester, members vote on a relevant policy issue on which to base their work. Students for Democracy members will be provided with nuanced research tools and professional networks to utilize when writing policy briefs. These briefs are then presented to peers, faculty, and relevant stakeholders with the purpose of raising awareness and facilitating a discussion regarding possible policy solutions to societal issues. Members will also gain the opportunity to influence local, state, and national policy-makers through advocacy work aiming to ensure all individuals have a fair and equal representation in the democratic process.

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